Speaking Skills for Businesses

Whatever your business is, the number one skill everyone needs is to speak well.
Why?  From introducing yourself, to explaining your product or service, your own voice makes the largest impression on your customer.  All of us can talk.  Learning to speak well, so that our customer easily understands us, and hears clearly what we are talking about is essential.
Learning more about the art of speaking well helps your customers hear what you are saying, grasp the thoughts you are sharing, and encourages them to respond.  Learning more about the art of speech formation not only increases your speaking skills, but refines your listening skills, making you more aware of the finer aspects of your customers’ concerns and questions.  Learning to speak with the breath and with a greater awareness of the sounds themselves serves your message, whether it is about your client’s health, or their investments.

I offer courses to Business Managers and group lessons to Sales Teams or  Customer Service Teams to help improve business results and relationships.  Many businesses nowadays are realising that Professional Development Courses in the Art of Speaking Well help the whole of their business grow.

What is Therapeutic Speech?

A Well Spoken Workshop by Robyn Hewetson“I do come, with words as medicinal as true. . . . . . . .who profess myself your loyal servant, your physician, your most obedient counsellor. . .”

– Paulina to the King, from A Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare

Therapeutic Speech is an approach that can free us from habits that constrict and limit us in ways we do not wish.  Poetry, story and drama are used as a creative focus alongside discussion and creative listening to develop the communication skills we each need to live a full life.   When we speak well, meaning, confidence, clarity and well-being can grow.  As with our food, our very speech has the power to nourish us.  As our speech becomes more alive, we nourish ourselves and warm the world around us.

Speech impediments or challenges can also be helped.

How does it work?

A Well Spoken Workshop by Robyn HewetsonWe work with the sounds of speech, rhythms and our imagination to form and shape what we speak, much as a painter or sculptor uses their materials to manifest form and colour.  Our gestures and how we stand also affect our speech and our breathing.

As we bring consciousness to our speech, it works back upon us, the speaker,  correcting underlying imbalances and increasing harmony of being.  We become Co-Creators of ourselves and the world.  We may find increased grounding, strength, courage, warmth of heart, memory, flexibility, purpose and increased freedom from the fears and anxieties of our time.

Therapeutic Areas


I help teachers to improve their teaching and classroom management skills, and learn how to better meet the needs of those students with specific challenges to improve speech and communication.  For those teachers putting on a play with their class, I can help develop a healthy approach to drama so that all in the class can shine.  I also work directly with talented students who want to develop their speaking skills further in order to give excellence in public speaking or in performance tasks.

Physical Therapy

I help children and adults with specific speech and language difficulties.

Public Speaking

I can help speakers to gain authenticity and creativity, in essence, to find their own voice.  By using the sounds of speech themselves to enliven and enhance your message, I can help you to gain greater impact with your presentations.  Learn how to speak in such a way that you are more aware of how your message is getting across and are therefore able to adapt your message so that you are welcomed and heard by your audience.

Who can it benefit?

A wide range of people and ages can benefit from this approach.  Children, teachers, nurses and counsellors, parents, salespeople and managers as well as actors, storytellers, ministers and public speakers.

Those with specific presentations to make can also benefit.  Make sure your audience retains your message and has something to take home and consider.  Whether in a business or school setting, learn to speak so that your clients or students are able to clearly receive your message.

I have worked in both state and Waldorf Education, in Special Needs and with businesses in sales and management.  I also work with individual clients from my own home.



Learning by listening was one of the most useful tools I took from the course at Taruna… like learning to type in high school… seemed tedious sometimes, but then suddenly it’s there! It has helped me learn fairy tales overnight for the kindergarten (with eurythmy you have to be exact with the words), and helped enormously with public speaking generally. The other day I was insisting to our co-workers during the morning gathering that we would learn a new song without song sheets and they all groaned… then they all enjoyed it! Just wanted you know… thanks   – Tiffany