Robyn Hewetson

Well Spoken

I am a New Zealander with 44 years experience teaching children, adolescents, teachers and adults as well as 18 years experience doing curative work – teaching speech to children and adults with disabilities. I trained in State Teaching in New Zealand, in Speech and Drama as well as Steiner Education in the United Kingdom, and then moved to the United States, where I acquired over two decades of sales and management experience. By weaving these threads together, I have developed an expertise in helping people to tell their story well – whether it be a story for a class in early childhood, or giving a large group presentation for a company sales event. I desire to help my clients increase their speaking and presentation skills and gain confidence, memory and articulation.


I am warm, enthusiastic, accessible and supportive and I can help you raise your speaking to a professional standard.



A very special enriching experience I would not have missed. A group which visibly grew – blossomed in poetry under Robyn’s hand.

Robyn’s class taught us things we didn’t realise that we didn’t know about how the way we form our words influences the way we are experienced & understood. It was highly educational & lots of fun.  – Stephanie Hill