Therapeutic Areas


I help teachers to improve their teaching and classroom management skills, and learn how to better meet the needs of those students with specific challenges to improve speech and communication.  For those teachers putting on a play with their class, I can help develop a healthy approach to drama so that all in the class can shine.  I also work directly with talented students who want to develop their speaking skills further in order to give excellence in public speaking or in performance tasks.

Physical Therapy

I help children and adults with specific speech and language difficulties.

Public Speaking

I can help speakers to gain authenticity and creativity, in essence, to find their own voice. By using the sounds of speech themselves to enliven and enhance your message, I can help you to gain greater impact with your presentations.  Learn how to speak in such a way that you are more aware of how your message is getting across and are therefore able to adapt your message so that you are welcomed and heard by your audience.