Whatever your business is, the number one skill everyone needs is to speak well.

Why do a course with me?  

From introducing yourself, to explaining your product or service, your own voice makes the largest impression on your customer.  All of us can talk. Learning to speak well, so that our customer easily understands us, and hears clearly what we are talking about is essential.

Learning more about the art of speaking well helps your customers hear what you are saying, grasp the thoughts you are sharing, and encourages them to respond.  Learning more about the art of speech formation not only increases your speaking skills, but refines your listening skills, making you more aware of the finer aspects of your customers' concerns and questions.  Learning to speak with the breath and with a greater awareness of the sounds themselves serves your message, whether it is about your client's health, or their investments.

I offer courses to Business Managers and group lessons to Sales Teams or  Customer Service Teams to help improve business results and relationships. Many businesses nowadays are realising that Professional Development Courses in the Art of Speaking Well help the whole of their business grow.

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