My name is Robyn and I am a New Zealander with 44 years experience teaching children, adolescents, teachers and adults as well as 18 years experience doing curative work - teaching speech to children and adults with disabilities.

I trained in State Teaching in New Zealand, in Speech and Drama as well as Steiner Education in the United Kingdom, and then moved to the United States, where I acquired over two decades of sales and management experience.  My formal qualifications are: 

  • B.Ed in New Zealand Education
  • 2 year Post Grad Diploma in Waldorf Education - Emerson College UK
  • 4 year Post Grad Diploma Speech and Drama - London School of Speech Formation
  • Business training in professional presentation skills - USA

As a level two qualified practitioner for Tomatis Sound Therapy, I help children with ADHD, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder and so much more. I see great results when helping children and adults with learning challenges via listening therapy.

By weaving these threads together, I have developed an expertise in helping people to tell their story well - whether it be a story for a class in early childhood, or giving a large group presentation for a company sales event. I desire to help my clients increase their speaking and presentation skills and gain confidence, memory and articulation. 

I am warm, enthusiastic, accessible, supportive and can help you raise your speaking standard.