I teach people to speak well...

My name is Robyn Hewetson and I work with the art of Speech Formation.

I am a qualified voice and speech practitioner based in Hastings, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand - helping children, students, professionals and anyone else wanting to improve their speaking, or who needs therapy. 

I regularly work for businesses and educators in New Zealand, America and China helping people with Sales Talks and Presentation Skills, as well as Coaching and Staff Training. 

As a level two qualified practitioner for Tomatis Sound Therapy, I help children with ADHD, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder and so much more. I see great results when helping children and adults with learning challenges via listening therapy.

I have 45 years of experience teaching.  After Qualifying in State Teaching in New Zealand I then trained with Steiner Education in the United Kingdom.  I then completed a four year Speech and Drama Training in London before moving to the United States where I acquired over two decades of sales and management experience.  My formal qualifications are:

  • B.Ed in New Zealand Education
  • 2 year Post Grad Diploma in Waldorf Education - Emerson College UK
  • 4 year Post Grad Diploma Speech and Drama - London School of Speech Formation
  • Business training MBA level in professional presentation skills - USA

By weaving my education and experience threads together, I have developed my expertise in helping people to tell their story well – whether it be a story for a class in early childhood, or giving a large group presentation for a company sales event. 

 I desire to help my clients increase their speaking and presentation skills and gain confidence, memory, and articulation. Call me today for a free consultation to discuss how I may be able to help you. 


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Communication is key

Whatever it is you do in life - teaching, travelling, accounting, journalism, retail, the number one skill everyone needs is to speak well. Why? From introducing yourself, to explaining your product or service, your own voice makes the largest impression.  All of us can talk. Learning to speak well, so that others - or our customers can easily understand and hear us clearly with what we are talking about is essential.


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"A very special enriching experience I would not have missed. A group which visibly grew - blossomed in poetry under Robyn's hand. Robyn's class taught us things we didn't realise that we didn't know about how the way we form our words influences the way we are experienced & understood. It was highly educational & lots of fun. "

Stephanie Hill 

Wellspoken Let's Chat

"Learning by listening was one of the most useful tools I took from the course at Taruna... like learning to type in high school... seemed tedious sometimes, but then suddenly it's there! It has helped me learn fairy tales overnight for the kindergarten, and helped enormously with public speaking generally. The other day I was insisting to our co-workers during the morning gathering that we would learn a new song without song sheets and they all groaned... then they all enjoyed it!   "